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Weed Dispensary Menu in Victoria

Choices are abound at Burnside Dispensary in Victoria, BC! We recommend checking back with us to find out what’s new as we are always adding to our weed dispensary menu of products for you to try.

Popular Menu Items at Weed Dispensary Victoria BC

Here are some of our most popular medical marijuana menu items: Concentrates – As the name implies, concentrates have a higher potency of THC than other marijuana dispensary menu options such as flowers. There are many types of concentrates including Shatter and Phoenix Tears. • Capsules – If smoking or edibles are not your preference, capsules make a great option. • Flowers – Each with their own unique aromas, flavors, and effects, the many medical marijuana flowers available at our store can make each visit a unique experience.  Pre-rolls – If ready made and hassle free are what you’re after, we’ve got pre-rolls for your convenience!  Topicals – From massage oils to lip balm and more, we love adding new items to our line of topicals. The aromas are heavenly!

Ask Our Friendly Staff About Weed Dispensary Menu Choices

Speaking with one of our friendly staff members about all the different menu items to choose from can make a big difference in getting the best weed dispensary product you need. We are always happy to answer questions about our menu and offer our professional cannabis practitioner recommendations. Let us know how we can help you!

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