Who We Are

Burnside Buds.ca Inc, previously, doing business as Burnside Dispensary, is located at 3175 Harriet Rd. Victoria BC. Burnside Buds.ca has held a City of Victoria business license for 2016, 2017, and 2018, and we are now awaiting provincial licensing.

Burnside Buds believes in giving back to the community and supports several charities and groups: Burnside Gorge Community Centre, the Salvation Army, BC Shriner Hospital, BC Cancer Foundation, World Vision Canada, Canadian Red Cross Society, and the SPCA. In 2018, the business donated over $6000 to these charities and discounted more than $20,000 in products to seniors, veterans, and medical cannabis patients. In addition, we off substantial discounts for people who suffer from a critical illness and pain relief.

We provide free food for our staff and a bowl of washed BC apples free for the public in our customer area. Burnside Buds is a firm believer in being a good neighbor. We voluntarily assist with housekeeping and the beautification of our building frontage. We routinely sweep in front of the building, and when it snows, we clear the storefront and sidewalk surrounding our building. Additionally, we create and display flowerpots hanging baskets and planters, we have also added new shrubbery and installed a public bicycle rack.

Our Business Model

Burnside Buds has three core values: to improve the lives of our team, clients and community.


Burnside Buds was created by Rosetta Duncan, BSc, mother of two, and retired (2016) military veteran. Prior to starting the business, Rosetta was not involved in the cannabis industry. Rosetta entered industry because she saw it as a new and emerging business opportunity, and a way to be there for her children. Rosetta enjoys reading, fitness, meeting new people, and volunteering at her kid’s school.